old money style
January 22, 2024

Old Money Style Simplified: Elegance Redefined

Old money style isn't about the flash but about timeless elegance and an understated approach to fashion and makeup. It's where quality trumps quantity, and sophistication is key.

In Fashion:

  • Classics Rule: Opt for high-quality, timeless pieces like tailored blazers and silk scarves.
  • Neutral Palette: Stick to a color scheme of navy, beige, and black for unmatched elegance.
  • Heritage Accessories: Choose items with history, like vintage watches or heirloom pearls.

In Makeup:

  • Less is More: Aim for a radiant complexion and minimal makeup to highlight natural beauty.
  • Choose Quality: Select products that enhance rather than mask, focusing on skincare.

The Ethos:

Embracing old money style means valuing subtlety and legacy over logos and trends. It's a nod to a lifestyle that appreciates the finer, quieter side of luxury—where less always means more, and elegance is eternal.

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